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18 important WPF interview questions asked in WPF interviews.

  1. What is WPF?

  2. What is the need of WPF when we had windows forms?

  3. What is XAML in WPF and why do we need it?

  4. What is xmlns in XAML file ?

  5. What is the difference between xmlns and xmlns:x in WPF ?

  6. Provide some instances where you have “xmlns:x” namespace in XAML ?

  7. When should we use “x:name” vs “name” ?

  8. What are the different kinds of controls in WPF?

  9. Can you explain the complete WPF object hierarchy?

  10. What are resources in WPF ?

  11. Explain the difference between static and dynamic resource ?

  12. When should we use static resource over dynamic resource ?

  13. What is the need of bindings in WPF?

  14. Explain one way, two way, one time and one way to source?

  15. How does “UpdateSourceTrigger” affect bindings?

  16. What are value converters in WPF?

  17. Explain multi binding and multivalue converters in WPF?

  18. What is relative resource ?

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