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Q. What are Design Patterns?

A. Design patterns are reusable and documented solutions for commonly occurring problem in software development.

Q. Which Design Pattern you have implemented in your project?

A. Singleton, Strategy pattern, Factory pattern, Facade

Q. What is Facade?

A. Facade is all about simplifying. Example in N-layer application Business Layer is example of Facade. Business layer creates object of data access layer, work with data, perform some logic, perform many functionality using different classes. From UI we will straight forward call single method of BAL and that’s it. BAL is a facade over complexities.

Q. How will you explain Strategy Pattern?

A. In strategy pattern we will create one class for one algorithm.
We make all algorithms (classes) belong the same family with the help of interfaces.

Q. In what scenario you implemented Strategy Pattern?

A. We had discount calculation which was different for different days of the week. Calculations were complex and modification chances more.

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