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Explain WCF service model architecture?

  1. In the first step client gets the information about the endpoints of a service via service metadata.

  2. Once client have the meta data of a service he will get all the knowledge of a service like what all things can be achieved from service (What functionality service exposes), What data type it expects, What it returns etc.

  3. In case of WCF Service that metadata contain information about endpoints.

  4. Client will constructs the channel based on the endpoint of its interest.

  5. Client using this endpoint sends messages to service.

How the service metadata will be exposed to client?

Mostly it will be via WSDL but in case of WCF we can expose mex endpoint which will expose metadata containing other endpoint information.

How metadata get created in WCF?

In WCF world if the SeviceMetadata behavior is enabled for service this Metadata will get created automatically.

Can you explain more about Mex and WSDL?

ServiceMetadata behavior contain an attribute called httpsGetEnabled, if this property is set to true we will be able to get the Metadata using get request. Get request to WSDL file which will be usually located in the same service url with an additional suffix of “?WSDL”

With Mexennpoints we get an ability to obtain service metadata via SOAP messages instead of http Get.

Best part about mex is it makes metadata available via various transports like HTTP, TCP etc.

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