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Instrumentation is SSIS using Data Taps

In this short article we will hover around some important questions related to Instrumentation done in SSIS using Data Taps. We will only discuss about the theoretical part to make reader’s base stronger so that afterwards when practical is done it will become more effective.

What is the need of Data Taps?

  • Data Taps are nothing but they are like Data Viewer which we use in our SSIS package to view what data is passing through between Components.

  • So the importance of Data Taps is to view the data between components and this Data Taps is used in the production environment and not in development environment.

Differentiate between data viewer & data taps?

  • The main difference between data viewer & data taps is that though they both are used to view data between the components in SSIS package, but they both are implemented in different environments.

  • Data viewer is used when we want to view the data between the components in our development environment.

  • Data Taps is used when we want to view the data between the components in SSIS during production environment.

Differentiate between debugging & instrumentation?

  • The main difference between debugging & instrumentation is that when we want to debug our package in the development environment, we call it as Debugging.

  • And when we want to debug our SSIS package during the production environment we call it as Instrumentation.

Explain the importance of Identification String in data taps?

  • The identification string in our SSIS package is that thing which says that the data is coming from the control flow to data flow or the data is passing between the components in our data flow.

  • Now every component is connected with another component through a path. And every path has a connection string which identifies that the path is between these two components.

  • Now in data taps to reach to this path we have to specify that to access the path we have to go through the Control Flow then Data Flow and then we have to enter the identification string which is our path which is identified by some connection string.

  • So Control Flow/Data Flow/Identification String.

In which path does the data tap dump data?

The data tap usually dumps the data in our local machine C drive. For example, the path will be

C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\110\DTS\DataDumps

That’s all for article, before winding up this article we would also like to suggest go and refer to SSIS project video link which is the first video from project series named “Learn MSBI in 4 days” as below: -

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