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Jquery interview questions with answers: - What the difference between Javascript vs jQuery

Well as a team leader and senior it’s my duty to help juniors in understanding concepts in depth and clarifying some confusions.

Well every time I start working with new team, I faced same question “sir, what should we use, Javascript or jQuery?”  Well today I would like to answer this one and another question “Whats the difference between Javascript and jQuery” which I commonly hear during interviews.

Well, in short one is language and one is library. As a developer you might have created many programs in your career which may include applications and some libraries as well.

Application vs. Library?

Hmm!!! Now it leads to a new question what’s the difference between application and library?
In our day to day life as a developer we works onvarious database driven applications like e-Commerce application, invoice application, etc. But did you ever indulged yourself into nitty-gritties of establishing connection to the database and all? No. You just create object of let’s say SqlConnection class and call open method. You never cared about how actually “open” method works. It is because you are using Base class libraries provided by Microsoft.You are using libraries which are pre tested and trustworthy. Libraries are meant to be used for more than one application, they will be delivered to end customer as a part of the application.

Many times internal development team in an organization creates libraries in order to make improve the maintainability of the product. Common examples of such libraries are ErroLogger libraries, DataAccessLayer libraries, Email librarires, etc. Sometimes they have libraries like AccountingLibrary which can be included in multiple applications. In short we create libraries, test them and finally use those time tested libraries in more than one project/product.

How we create library?
Now we know what is mean by library. Next question is, how to create them. Most obvious answer is create a class library in visual studio and add reference of that in other projects. It’s correct. But more than what we need is, a language. Language like C#, etc. We code using these languages and when that code become reusable for multiple application (by mean of add reference or something else)  or in short when they become self-contained, we call that group of code as library.

Now it’s time to jQueryvsJavascript
Javascript is language we normally use for client side scripting and jQuery is nothing but a library containing set of functions (reusable functions) created using javascript.

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