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What is eager loading in c# ( C# eager loading interview questions with answers)?

Eager loading is opposite to Lazy loading. If you are new to lazy loading please read c# lazy loading interview question with answers.

In eager loading we load the objects in one go even if the objects are needed or not by the client. For example look at the below c# code. The Customer class has order objects. So the order object is loaded in the constructor, even if the order object is required or not by the UI clients.

public class Customer
private List _Orders= null;

public Customer()
         _CustomerName = "Shiv";
         _Orders = LoadOrders(); // Loads the address object even though //not needed
private List LoadOrders()
         List temp = new List();
         Order o = new Order();
         o.OrderNumber = "ord1001";
         o = new Order();
         o.OrderNumber = "ord1002";
         return temp;


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