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Jquery.js VS Jquery.min.js file ( ASP.NET JQuery interview questions with answers)?

First thing both the files provide the same jquery functionalities. One is a long version and the other is compressed / minified version. The minified version is compressed to save bandwidth and space by compressing and removing all the white spaces.

Below is the view of Jquery.js.

Below this is view of Jquery.min.js file (compressed and minified).


When should we use jquery.js over jquery.min.js ?

When you are doing development use “jquery.js” file because you would like to debug, see the javascript code etc. Use “Jquery.min.js” for production environment. In production / live environment we would like to consume less bandwidth, we would like to our pages to load faster.

What is the use jquery.vsdoc.js ?

This file you can include if you want to enable intellisense in visual studio for Jquery.


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