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ASP.NET Interview Question - How did you deployment and setup in ASP.NET ?

Below are the steps to prepare deployment and setup in ASP.NET.

Step 1 à Click on File à New project à Setup and Deployment à Web setup project.

Step 2 à Right click on the ‘Web Application Folder’ as shown in figure ‘IIS Web application properties’  and click ‘Properties Window’. You will be popped with all necessary properties needed to set the IIS web application property.To understand how the mapping works in the same figure we have shown the IIS website dialog box mapped to the properties of ‘Web application folder’ property in the setup.

Step 3 à We now need to specify the application whose setup needs to be prepared. So click on file à add existing project à selection the solution and add it to the IDE.Now we need to add the output binary files to the setup. So go to the setup project à click add à project output à select content files and click ok.


Step 4 à With the setup we can also need prerequisites like framework, crystal setup or any other supporting setup.This can go as an integrated part in the same setup.To include prerequisite right click on ‘WebSetup’ à select properties à click prerequisites. Now select which ever prerequisites you want to ship with the application.


Once done compile the setup and you should see the setup is created.

This question is taken from .NET interview questions  book.

Also see following video on ASP.NET interview questions on View state Vs Session Variables: -

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