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How is the page structure of HTML 5 different from HTML 4?( HTML 5 Interview questions with answers)

We are thankful to to provide this HTML 5 interview question with answer.

A typical web page has headers, footers, navigation, central area and side bars. Now if we want to represent the same in HTML 4 with proper names to the HTML section we would probably use a DIV tag.
But in HTML 5 they have made it more clear by creating element names for those sections which makes your HTML more readable.


Below are more details of the HTML 5 elements which form the page structure.

  • <header>: Represents header data of HTML.

  • <footer>: Footer section of the page.

  • <nav>: Navigation elements in the page.

  • <article>: Self-contained content.

  • <section>: Used inside article to define sections or group content in to sections.

  • <aside>: Represent side bar contents of a page.

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