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What is the use of column layout in CSS?(ASP.NET CSS interview questions with answers)

A big thanks to out sponsor’s to provide this ASP.NET CSS  interview question.

CSS column layout helps you to divide your text in to columns. For example consider the below magazine news which is one big text but we need to divide the same in to 3 columns with a border in between. That’s where HTML 5 column layout comes to help.


To implement column layout we need to specify the following:-

  • How many columns we want to divide the text in to ?

To specify column-count we need to use the below code. “webkit” and “moz-column” are needed for chrome and firefox respectively.


  • How much gap we want to give between those columns ?


  • Do you want to draw a line between those columns ?


Below is the complete code for the same.


You can then apply the style to the text by using the class attribute.


Below is a nice interview question video for quick revision.

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