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Six important WCF interview questions with answers

The below questions are taken from .NET interview question book published by Bpb publication , read more about the book from here .NET interview question book

What is WCF?

Its Microsoft’s programming model for building SOA based applications. It’s a unification of various .net technologies like Com+, Remoting, Web Services and MSMQ. WCF is also based on SOAP (Except WCF REST) like web services and supports wide range
of ws-* specifications which include ws-address, ws-security and many.

What is mean by ABC of WCF?

It’s an abbreviation for Address, Binding and Contract. Together defines the endpoint of a service. It typically answers three questions where, How and What.

Where – Address – Where we get the service?
How – Binding – How we can access the service? (What protocol we should use?).
What – Contract –What we will get from Service?

What is difference between WCF and Web Services?

WCF is evolved from Web Service. Web service can be hosted only via HTTP but WCF supports multiple protocols like http and tcp. WCF is fully compatible SOA based applications supporting all specifications provided in ws-* specifications.

What is mean by Service, Message and client?

Service – Self-contained business functionality which are independent of other services.
Message – Services communicate with each other with the help of messages.
Client – party which consume the service.

What are different things we need to do in order to create a WCF service?

  • Create a service contract (an interface attached with ServiceContract attribute and methods with OperationContract attribute)

  • Create data contract if required any (custom classes with DataContract Attribute and properties with DataMember attribute)

  • Implement the service and define operation contracts.

  • Define end points

  • Host the service.

Explain WCF REST ?

Do watch the below WCF interview questions video created by

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