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Explain page life cycle of ASP? (ASP.NET Interview questions with answers)

This question is provided by , they have some great videos on .Net and ASP.NET interviews worth giving a glance.


ASP page life cycle is nothing but series of processing steps performed on server side when the client sends request. There are four important steps which takes place when client sends a request to ASP server side program:-

Init: - This step performs initialization and setup steps. In this step we do initialization activity and adding of control dynamically.
Load: - In this step we load the controls with data , initialize properties and establish database connection.
Validate :- Once the load phase is done validate step starts. In this step we can write validation code to validate the user input.
Event :- These are control specific events. In this step we perform control specific activities like what should happen in button click , drop down change etc.
Render :- In this event the final HTML is prepared to be sent to the browser. In this event if we want to customize HTML we can write code in this method.

Note :- In case its becoming difficult to remember the above steps you can remember the word SILVER , forget S , I – init , L- load , V – validate , E – event , R – render)

If you are preparing for .NET interviews my two cents start from the video  below , start revising now.

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