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Can you create TempBag just like ViewBag?( MVC Interview questions)

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Someone during interview to test you understanding skill may ask such kind question.
Answer for this question is, we cannot create exactly but get something like that with the help of two C# feature,

  1. Extension method  - > introduced in .net 3.5

  2. Dynamic runtime - > introduced in 4.0

Step 1
Create a simple class and inherit it from DynamicObject class (present in System.Dynamicnamesplace).


Step 2
Create a Global level object which will hold TempData.


Step 3
Create constructor for initializing GlobalTempData


Step 4
Override GetDynamicMemberNames,TryGetMember,TrySetMember of DynamicObject class as follow,


Step 5
Crete TempDataExtenion class as follows.


What’s next?

We are done with it. Let’s test our code.

Hope you enjoyed reading this and learned something.  Your comments and votes are always welcome.

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