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SSIS, SSRS and SSAS(MSBI) interview questions: - What are Precedence constraints in SSIS?

Precedence constraints are used in control flow of SSIS designer.

  1. It let us decide the sequence in which tasks should be executed.
    For example let say we have added Execute SQL task and Backup database task in the control flow.
    If we directly execute our SSIS package, it will make both of our task execute in parallel.
    Using precedence we control what need to be executed first and what next.

sql 1

     2. It let us decide condition when the next task should execute.

For example we can say If Execute SQL Task,

  • Succeeds, then only Backup Database task should execute.

  • Fails, then some script task should execute

sql 2

Note: Other Fail and Success there is one more stage that is complete. It make use execute task in every condition. Example execute next task if current task succeeds or fails.

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