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.NET AJAX JQuery interview questions: - What is $.Ajax in jQuery?

It allows us to invoke server side functionalities asynchronously. It internally uses XmlHttpRequest.

What kind of requests we can make using $.ajax?

We can make any request like get, post, put and delete. $.ajax function accepts parameters called type which will decide what request we want do.

What is the difference between $.ajax and $.post?

  • $.post is simpler representation of $.ajax for POST requests. When we are using $.posits not required to specify the type. It will be always ‘post’.

  • If you are willing to make a post request and we expecting have more control over HTTP headers. $.ajax is the best choice. If your only invention is to make a post hit to server $.post is best.

What is the difference between contenttype and datatype in $.ajax?

ContentType represents the data type of data we are going to send from Javascrip whereas datatype represent the data type of data we are expecting from Serverside in return.

What is $.getJSON in jQuery?

It is just shorthand representation of $.ajax where type is set to “GET” and datatype is set to “JSON” automatically.

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