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How security works in WCF?

In WCF security is by default enabled in wsHttpBinding and NetHttpBinding.
Enabled means all three aspects of security (CIA) is automatically provided by bindings.

Let’s understand how.

1. C – Confidentiality – Data can be viewed by only intended recipient.
     It is done by means of encryption. Data (Messages) to be transferred will be encrypted.
     Even if someone get the message he will not be able to understand it.

2. I – Integrity – Data should not be tempered.
     It is done by means of signing. Data (messages) to be transferred will be signed. If
     someone modifies the data in between receiver easily come to know about that.

3. A – Authentication – User should validate his/her identity.
     By default all the binding except basic provides windows authentication. It means every
     service call will be authenticated automatically. While making call automatically clients
     windows credentials will be passed along which will be automatically get validated in
     service end. In case he is not a valid AD – Active directory user, his/her request won’t get

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